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Coconut Clean created this amazing balm with the intention of preventing stretch marks. A friend approached us concerned about getting the unsightly marks with her first pregnancy. After extensive research, our Healing Balm was born. Not only did it keep her stretch mark free, it has since become one of our most popular products. This balm is designed to keep skin supple, while encouraging new cellular growth, thus preventing scars during the healing process. It is even beneficial for softening old scar tissue. It helps heal and relieve eczema, psoriasis and severe dry skin conditions. Once the condition has cleared up, follow with Coconut Cleanʻs Skin Soother on a regular basis. Coconut Cleanʻs Healing Balm is made with Kamani Butter, known in the islands for its healing properties and restoring the elasticity to skin. Our Healing Balm is wonderful for wrinkle prevention and is safe to use as a facial moisturizer for aging skin.
Healing Balm
$8.95 - $41.95