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Coconut Clean's 5 levels of hydration for your skin:

Organic Coconut Water Mists: Lightest hydration. Organic coconut water provides nourishing properties for skin and hair. Excellent for facial misting as a toner or setting mineral make-up; body mist, pillow mist or room freshening spray

Creme: Balanced hydration. Light facial moisturizing serum with mineral sunblock added to provide over 25 SPF. Made with coconut water, aloe vera juice, Vitamin C and hydrating botanicals. Excellent absorption. ideal for everyday wear under make-up or as an all over moisturizer and sun protection.

Organic Scented Coconut Oil: Medium hydration. This is our best daily, year round, go to hydration serum! Apply to damp skin after bathing from your face to your feet. Our coconut oil is the best available on the planet and a must for your skin.

Skin Soother: Heavier Hydration with a barrier for protection. Our Skin Soothers really help to heal rough, cracked skin. Made with organic beeswax to help seal in moisture to heal and protect your skin. A wintertime necessity!

Healing Balm: Healing Hydration.  Similar to our Skin Soother in sealing, protecting and healing with added proprietary healing elements for severely damaged skin and skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and keratosis. Heals scars, stretch marks, skin discoloration and much, much more...

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