Organic Canine Cleanser Original Scent

$12.95 - $34.95

COCONUT CLEAN® ORGANIC DOG SHAMPOO - With a moisturizing blend of base oils formulated for a healthy coat and skin, Coconut Cleanʻs Canine Cleanser is designed for the discriminating dog owner. A soap free* cleanser with Neem oil and an exotic blend of essential oils for combating fleas and ticks, your best friend will be delighted and treated to an all natural bath experience.  Made for dogs, but tested on humans, you will discover what a difference natural ingredients can make for you and your pooch. Your best friend takes care of you, why not take care of them with Coconut Cleanʻs Canine Cleanser.

*This product will not interfere with your monthly topical flea and tick prevention medication


Shampoo can be diluted up to 5 times with water. Diluting the product will reduce the amount of lather, but it will clean very effectively. For Flea and tick infestation, use full strength.

Ingredients: Distilled Spring Water, Organic Coconut Water, saponified olive, organic extra virgin coconut, almond, and castor oils, Organic neem oil, non- paraben grapefruit extract and essential oils


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Darlene , 10/30/2017

I have used this shampoo for months on my senior shih tzu because of a skin condition. I love how it has cleared up her skin and it smells good too. I believe it repels fleas too, haven't seen any for months. I will be reordering.

Reviewed by Dana , 06/10/2016

Found this shampoo and mister in Woof Gang Bakery in Apopka, FL. My little long hair chihuahua has skin allergies. This shampoo makes him so soft and doesn't bother his skin at all, in fact benefits. Also it smells so good I have to use it for all my dogs. The clean smell lasts a long time but buy the mister for a quick refresh and it will make them smell like you just bathed and it will last a couple days easily. Moved to Cary, NC and have to order online now. C'mon NC Woofgangs get with the program and stock this amazing product!!

Reviewed by Nikki B, 02/05/2013

CoCoʻs Coconut Clean!
My little JRT/Basenji mix uses nothing but Coconut Cleanʻs Canine Cleanser.  Not only does it leave him fluffy and free of fleas, but this product never irritates his tender skin.  Also, many dog shampoos have a cloying "fake" smell.  Not so with Coconut Cleanʻs Canine Cleanser.  This product has a pleasant earthy fragrance that never overwhelms CoCoʻs natural scent.  We give it a "10"! Nikki B. from Pensacola, FL

Reviewed by Judith , 02/04/2013

dog wash 5/21/2011
Both my dogs enjoyed the "wash" today. They are still smelling great. The oils have calmed their skin and the labʻs coat is so silky smooth. The rottie is so soft and has not scratched or licked himself all day. Thank you for your product!
Judith of Central Florida

Reviewed by Nancy , 02/04/2013

NICE shampoo! Just bathed my puppy in this shampoo. Easy rinse, he feels so nice! Now I need to try some products for me!

Reviewed by Judith , 12/04/2012

My seven "babies" dogs love bathtime because this coconut shampoo cleans them thoroughly of any fleas and unwanted critters. I have a doberman, german shep, rott, siberian husky, alaskan malamute, borzoi, and an irish wolfhound.