Lavender Detox Soak


Experience the calming effects of European Lavender while you soak in this warm, soothing formula. Our unique blend of salts provide therapeutic pain relief and our synergy of pure lavender essential oils help to dispell stress, anxiety and insomnia. All of Coconut Cleanʻs Detox Soaks are made with organic extracts and essential oils with detoxifying sea salts from the Mid-Pacific and beyond. Handcrafted in small batches with Aloha!

For achy muscles, joint pain, lymphatic detox or any of the benefits listed above, add to warm bath water and soak. Detox crystals may also be heated in a dampened cloth and applied directly to effected area for added relief.

Handmade with Hawaiian volcanic sea salt, Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt, pure therapeutic essential oils, organic lavender flowers and natural mineral colors

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Shasha T, 11/16/2013

OMG... These Bath Salts are AMAZING!! This has to be the best lavender scent I have ever encountered and Iʻve finally found a cure for my insomnia. Thank you for this product!!