Healing Balm

$8.95 - $41.95

We keep hearing more testimonials from people all over saying how much Coconut Cleanʻs Healing Balm has helped them when nothing else would.  The rich, therapuetic balm is available in three sizes.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by kelli h, 10/03/2013

The medicinal value is fanatastic! I beat up my hands/fingers/forearms frequently with paper cuts....foil scrapes...etc...this makes the ouch go away super fast and heals up miraculously currently enjoying watching it work healing magic on a scarring scrape i obtained a couple weeks ago....the scar i thought i was going to have is being erased.... pretty cool!

Reviewed by Sandy H, 09/14/2013

I had surgery on my eye about 2 months ago and had to sleep with an eye guard that I had to tape to the sensitive skin around my eye. The skin was "burned" from the tape having to be removed each day - and one really bad night I actually tore the guard off in my sleep, tearing the skin around my eye! I immediately went to pick up this balm - and within 30 minutes of applying the product the bright pink color was gone and you could see that the swelling was subsiding. I used the product for an entire week and I have ZERO scarring on my face!! Thank you! I have been telling everyone I know about this amazing product.

Reviewed by Mary F, 02/04/2013

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful product the healing Balm Is . My hands are doing so much better, and I cant thank you enough for sharing your amazing products with me!

Reviewed by Pamela f, 12/04/2012

I love your Healing Balm. I use it on lots of different ways, but I'm amazed at the difference it has made to my lips. I use it every night and now rarely use Chapstick during the day. I live in an arid climate and have various lip balms in my purse, my car, the kitchen, etc. After using CC's Healing Balm for two weeks, I have virtually "kicked the Chapstick habit!" My lips are soft and smooth. Thank you!