Hawaiian Rock Salt Soap

$4.75 - $14.50

Let your senses escape to the tropics!  Scented with 9 exotic essentials from the islands and made with Hawaiian Volcanic Sea Salt, high in nutrient rich trace minerals and an excellent detoxifier. We make it with extra virgin organic coconut oil, kukui and macadamia nut oil. We also add Hawaiian Seaweed (another great skin detoxifyer) and Hawaiian Kamani Butter which is known throughout the islands for its healing properties.

Lightly exfoliate while the rich foamy lather deeply cleanses your skin. With the restorative properties of organic butters and oils, your skin will feel soft and refreshed. Designed for oily skin, it works well on body odor, and even acne. This soap is great value, because it will last twice as long as any other bar its size!  Get that island clean feeling with Coconut Clean’s Hawaiian Rock Salt Soap!

Ingredients- Saponified organic virgin coconut oil, Hawaiian volcanic sea salt, macadamia nut oil, kukui nut oil, organic kamani oil, seaweed, Hawaiian essential oils & natural mineral color

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rebecca M, 09/15/2020

I recently moved from Hawai'i and I was so surprised that Coconut Clean really captured the smell of the islands in this hawaiian scent! I love the added sea salt because it adds as an exfoliant. It lathers perfectly in my loofa and smells fantastic!

Reviewed by Brooke B, 11/18/2015

I absolutely LOVE this soap as a face wash.

 I have extremely sensitive ache prone skin and this improved the health and look of my skin immensely. I have gone through countless brands of face wash and nothing has worked as well as this soap.

LOVE IT! Thank you :)