Earth & Sky Bar Soap

$1.75 - $14.50

Experience the heavenly aromas of Sandalwood & Ylang ylang in a rich, moisturizing lather. Made with a synergy of oils that are rich antioxidants and beneficial for aging skin. Perfectly pH balanced, Coconut Clean’s Earth & Sky Soap is the perfect facial soap and is lubricating enough to shave with.

Recommended as a Facial Soap.

 Ingredients: Saponified organic virgin coconut, rice bran, hazelnut, avocado, & almond oils, essential oils, paraben-free grapefruit seed extract, organic cacao powder & natural mineral color. Superfatted with organic raw, organic shea butter.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Melinda K, 07/24/2016

This bar is the best! I love handmade soaps and this is the most moisturizing, silky bar soap I have ever tried. I use it as a face and body bar and even for shaving. My skin feels soft and smooth! I also love the Earth and Sky coconut oil. These are the only things I need in my shower. Going to try the Head to Toe and conditioner next! Thanks for the awesomeness!