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At Coconut Clean, we take our bath time seriously.

Our primary salt is from the deep sea off the Big Island of Hawaii near the Hawaiian Volcanoes. Volcanic salt is rich in trace minerals and detoxing properties. We add Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salts to complete the salt trilogy, then blend it with healing herbs and essential oils for the perfect bath experience providing relief or prevention from muscle pain. Wanna take it up a notch?  Add one of our organic scented coconut oils to your bath water after the salt crystals are dissolved.

Nothing beats a nice soak in our therapeutic detox salts made with the highest grade salt in the world!

Desert Sunset Detox Soak


$3.95 - $19.95
Detox, Organic, Natural, Hawaiian Salt, Handcrafted, Aromatherapy, Healing
Detox Sampler Pack
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Earth & Sky Detox Soak


$3.95 - $19.95
Hawaiian Detox Soak


$3.95 - $19.95
Orangewood Sunrise Detox Soak


$3.95 - $19.95
Peppermint Detox Soak
$3.95 - $19.95