Coconut Vanilla Tropical Mist

$4.50 - $8.95

One spritz of our Coconut Vanilla Tropical Mist will take you back to the beach. This tropical mist is alcohol free and made with organic coconut water, essential oils and botanicals.  Feel your skin drink in the nourishing properties of Coconut water without the drying effects of alcohol. Coconut Cleanʻs Coconut Water Mists make lovely room sprays and are perfect for freshening clothing and bed linens.

Ingredients - Organic Coconut Water, Distilled Spring Water, Organic Vanilla & Coconut extracts, Essential oils, Grapefruit Seed Extract   


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Pam H, 01/08/2018

LOVE this spray!!! It is my absolute favorite body spray & no harmful toxic ingredients. Buying again!

Reviewed by Holley , 12/04/2012

I fell in love with the way I smelled after putting in on. I wanted to spray my whole house with it too!
Holley of Orlando, FL