Canine Cleanser Gift Bag

SKU: bag-canine-large

Perfect gift for your best friend or the canine lover! A canine care kit wrapped in a natural fiber bag and adorned with ribbons, raffia grass and sea shells hand picked from the beach.  This gift bag has two options:

The Canine Cleanser Gift Bag contains an 8 oz. bottle of Coconut Cleanʻs Canine Cleanser, a 6oz bottle of Mister Canine* mist and a tube of Coconut Cleanʻs Mend-A-Friend 





Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kathryn W, 03/13/2016

I received the doggy gift set yesterday. I am absolutely in love! My baby has a yeast allergy and scratches everywhere. The only time she doesn't scratch is if she is asleep. As soon as my package arrived in used it. Added a little more coconut oil for her. It lathered up after applying twice. No complaints there. As long as she is being touched she will stay in the tub. She looks all shiny and soft after one wash. The balm for Hotspots was her favorite. I put it everywhere even her bald spots. She loved it! She had her big smile on!! I haven't seen her that happy in a long time!!! Even after she is washed, she is scratching and licking but not near as much! I only woke up once or twice instead of 3-4 times from her scratching but it didn't even sound as harsh as normal. Like this is amazing!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing my baby girl some relief!!!

Reviewed by Susan , 09/14/2013

I received this as a Christmas present from my sister. She had just moved from Massachusetts to Florida and wanted to share some of her new "local" flavor. It comes beautifully packaged and smells exquisite. If you know someone who spoils their dog (yes that's me) this is an awesome, unique and practical gift.