About Us

Welcome to Coconut Clean! Our mission is to make the world smell and feel better, naturally, while existing in harmony with the environment.  Our products are crafted with the innumerable benefits of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in mind. We are originally from the Big Island of HawaiĘ»i where our inspiration and ingredients are based.

It all started one day when we decided we didn’t want to use somebody else’s idea of fresh and natural. Most body care products are made with chemicals, petroleum and synthetic fragrances, something Coconut Clean promises never to do. Our Products are free from parabens, petroleum,
Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, artificial colors and preservatives, gluten, soy, harmful chemicals and animal by-products.

We cold-process all of our soaps from scratch, including our foaming soaps, shampoo & body cleansers. With a variety of aromatherapy lines, Coconut Clean has something to fit everybody’s taste.  From the soft, rich essence of fresh vanilla to the spicy, warm smells of clove and patchouli, we have perfected our aromatherapy. We take pride in having established a line of products and scents that you will love. Tested on friends and family, never on animals, our products are handcrafted in small batches with organic virgin coconut oil, essential oils, wildcrafted botanicals and Aloha. They are vegan-friendly and biodegradable.

We at Coconut Clean are proud and excited to introduce our line of all natural, handcrafted products for you, your family and your little dog, too...  Enjoy!